Website Launch | orientation

Website Launch | orientation

Hi there!

The purpose of my website is to be a connection and learning hub for all of us who are engaged in the challenging task of aligning our lives individually and collectively to purpose and values. 

As I sit and write this first post, I am aware of some of what this site already gives and the impact the work I am doing is already having, through feedback from those I am working with. I am also aware of things that I would love this site to be and what I want to create, for which I am currently not sure how or where I will find the capacity. So, I am imagining that this particular post will evolve over time as I grow, and as the community that is holding this work grows. 

What I know about this site already is…

It provides a live-document example of the work I offer to individuals; this can be seen on my About page where I have my purpose framework embedded directly from the google doc I use to support my own purpose and values alignment. 

It gives me a place where I can share with as much vulnerability as I have the capacity for about my life, as a way to subvert the patriarchal norms of not doing this. Subverting patriarchal norms by consciously owning and/or re-writing the stories that govern our lives, in service to our individual and collective liberation is my underlying purpose for what I call Purpose Work overall.

What I wish for my site is…

That my blog will provide a home where I can articulate and share what I and those I’m working with are learning. I find that writing about awareness that is forming within me gives me a way to make it tangible. When I am connected to tangibility, I am generally more connected to my vulnerability, and when I am connected to my vulnerability I am better able to apply myself to the task of fully owning my experience and offering myself in service of others’ deepening awareness.

Whether or not we are working together directly, I hope that what is shared here will support our collective aligning of life to purpose. My overall hope is that a support and learning community will form around aligning life to purpose. This is starting to happen in small ways within the monthly coaching sessions I hold within NGL. For now, I really welcome your curiosity and questions about this work, as it will give me topics to think on, develop within, and to write about in further posts. I welcome receiving these through this form.

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