Why is this site here?

My life is about finding practical, doable ways to embed nonviolence into our daily lives. I do this as part of a global online community that is oriented in the same direction; “Nonviolent Global Liberation” (NGL) and I primarily use a framework called “Vision Mobilisation”.


The purpose of this site is to facilitate your connection with me and others in the NGL community that can support you to embed nonviolence into your life using the Vision Mobilisation Framework, and other tools and offerings from NGL such as: Convergent Facilitation; coaching in, gift economy, needs based conflict approaches, advice process, impact sharing; introductions to systems, and more.


The foundation of the NGL community is Nonviolent Communication. More specifically, the development of the systemic elements of the original body of work, by Marshall Rosenberg (the creator of NVC), by Miki and Inbal Kashtan. NGL is working to create globally scalable systems that are fully integrated with principles of nonviolence. 


The Vision Mobilisation work sits at the nexus of this collective/structural change and inner/personal transformation; a merger of the work of Arnina, and Miki Kashtan. Vision Mobilisation supports the development of internal capacity, connection with vision, and provides a framework within which to build structures that support living towards that vision moment by moment in ways that are within capacity; this is important to be able to create something that is sustainable. 


In the context of the global social and ecological crisis, I see aligning our lives as deeply and concretely as we can to our vision, purpose, and values as a sure path toward releasing the full potential of our contribution to the future of life on the planet.


This is what I live by and invite you to join us in.

Vision Mobilisation Framework

Check out my Vision Mobilisation framework below offering me as an example of the Vision Mobilisation work at the individual level (as compared to a group). This is a living document which evolves over time.

Where I’m From

I am originally from Cornwall, UK, where I grew up in a working-class family on the rugged windswept coasts of West Penwith. My parents brought a necessary and contagious resourcefulness to the ration-book-like bare-bones of my upbringing. It presented me with a rich environment in which to nurture my affinity for creatively utilising my surroundings. I learned to build systems and structures that enabled me to do what I wanted to do and express what was important to me, regardless of the circumstances in which I found myself.


I grew up quite wild and with a deep and very physical connection to the earth. I have vivid memories of the beginnings of my conscious awareness of the horrors that I saw happening within this world that I know as home and loves so dearly; destruction of the earth, war, and a deeply disturbing desensitisation to violence. I became avid in my search for the essence of what was needed for us to be able to build our world together from a place of connection to joy for life. 


This journey of enquiry has led me through various fields of focus and development including acoustic ecology and urban design, psychoacoustics, vipassana meditation, nonviolent communication, restorative practices, working with children to develop listening and communication skills, and working with individuals and groups developing collaborative team working practices and systems design. I am now focusing on places I intuit that engaging with Vision Mobilisation work, whether that be with individuals, or developing a conflict system at home, will have the most leverage in terms of increasing capacity to move towards vision.