" Emma facilitated the meeting we had with our leaders at the Redemptorist Centre, Dalgan Park, Ireland. Part of the aim was to clarify and sharpen the Vision, Mission, Values and activities for our organisation, Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. The participants came from thirteen countries comprising mainly Africa and Latin America and were highly intercultural. In the workshop, I found Emma very gentle, simple, and able to navigate with the group for new ideas and open to new learnings. She had a good grip of the needed facilitation skills. The process she used was quite interactive and engaging. What inspired me was the depth of love she has for people, which was manifested in her ability to connect easily with all in the group. I wish her well as she continues to reach out to people. "
Sr. Ndidi Anozie
Missionary Sisters of the Holy Rosary (MSHR)
" Emma responded to a request of support that I sent to her in Jan 2020. I was exploring how to accompany an Italian company that is working to liberate itself from competitive dynamics of power. Emma supported me to find the focus at the heart of my investigation.She shared with me her experience from a perspective that was very meaningful, and that had a strong and positive impact on me. I appreciated the sense of collaboration within how she supported me and her generosity, engagement, and aliveness created an environment of learning together from our sharing. "
Giovanna Castoldi
NVC Certified Trainer
" Emma is supporting me in working on aligning my life with my purpose and values. I really appreciate that the aim is for me to have a dynamic framework for and a visceral sense of that alignment, because that way it can keep evolving with me. I find her pace of expressing, pausing and thinking fits well with my own. I appreciate her making space for my questions and responding to what is alive for me. Anytime she shares authentically and vulnerably herself on our calls, it feels like a gift towards our connection, creating a space to show up authentically myself. I have found her empathy guesses spot on and was grateful and surprised by the mourning it helped me touch into. "
Meike Clever
" Before I signed up for Emma's coaching I was feeling I hit a wall with my NVC practice. I was looking for a way to deepen my practice to live more authentically. The coaching created a safe space for me to try out practices that I otherwise wouldn't have. My reflections with her helped me to see my blind spots. What I found most valuable was observing Emma model the practice. This helped me to learn NVC in a deeper way. Working with Emma also gave me clarity about my purpose, principles and agreements. Once it was externalized outside my mind, it gave me freedom to look at it more objectively and consciously change them so that they're more aligned. "
Mohammed Ali
Emma Quayle - Embedding Nonviolence. Resourcing for Change.