Resourcing Individuals

I work with individuals to find a clear sense of purpose and create tangible pathways to move towards, embody, and embed it into your life. 


I want to work with you if:


  • You are deeply concerned about the social, ecological, and climate emergency and associated issues of violence and suffering, and you want to strengthen your sense of agency and capacity to respond in a way that is meaningful to you. 


  • You are frustrated because you so deeply want to fully realise your passions and are stuck with knowing how to do that.


  • You are open to questioning everything about how your life is structured and finding ways to shift what is not aligned with purpose to what is.


By “purpose” I speak of both your core qualities, capacities, gifts, orientation toward life, and what you are moved towards doing that forms the essence of what you bring to the world; and your capacity to make decisions from full choice relative to purpose.


Engaging in purpose work with me will therefore support you in both gradually identifying your purpose, and strengthening your muscles to live from purpose. 

You can expect:

  • I want to get to know you and I work within relationship –  I invite us to bring as much of ourselves into our time together as will enable me to support you. 


  • Introduction to and engagement in a clear framework that you can work on both with me and alone, or with others who do this work.


  • A completely flexible entryway into the work that is responsive to your needs in the moment.


  • Ongoing support as you need it relative to the pace of integration of our work.


  • Development of new practices and ways of orienting to life that support you to realise your purpose.


  • Companionship in creative thinking for making change.


  • Opportunities for learning and integrating practices based in Nonviolent Communication that support liberation from structures of thought and action that don’t contribute to purpose focused living.


  • Coaching for ongoing application of NVC principles into your life in support of your purpose.


  • I operate as close as I am able to the Gift Economy. I want what is given to support both our sustainability to continue to do this work. I ask that you to give me an amount that to you is:


  • Respectful


  • Generous


  • Is what you are able to give sustainably (especially if you want to work with me over time)


  • Is what you would like me to receive. 


  • We will talk about this more and if it is too confusing I am happy to suggest an amount. At the moment the most someone gives me is $75/£60 per session at 90 minutes per session.

Connect with me...


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