Resourcing people and groups, communities, and organisations

I work in collaboration with Verene Nicolas. We work with people and teams engaged in community projects, collectives or organisations who are wrestling with the deep rooted issues in our society, and to resource them to embody a collaborative, needs-based future.



We want to work with you if:


  • You are deeply concerned about the climate emergency and other issues such as local and wider democracy, tackling injustice and polarisation in society, resolving conflicts at all levels, and restorative justice.


  • You are part of a community group, or organisation that acts as a conduit to your agency.


  • At an individual level, you want to sharpen your clarity of purpose and increase your leadership capacity to better serve the group you are part of.


  • As part of a community project, collective or team/organisation, you are acutely aware of and frustrated by the challenges of working together (especially so in contexts of self-management and distributed leadership). You want to know how to embed collaboration and effectiveness in the fabric of your group (i.e. reduce conflict, increase the joy of working together, clarify purpose, widen membership and participation, make better use of collective resources including people’s skills and talents and navigate issues around power and privilege).


  • Individually or as a team, you are particularly keen to increase your resilience and capacity to avoid burnout, act and communicate from a place of authenticity, navigate interpersonal conflicts and other sources of stress, build community, increase your support networks, and put in place effective strategies to stay on track.


  • You are supporting a group or team to develop or sharpen purpose, values, and systems and would like support or coaching.



You can expect


  • In-depth support for you and your group to collaborate on creating or refining your organisational foundations and embedding them into your relational culture and how you function. 


  • Openness and invitation to building partnership between our groups as part of mutual learning, growth, and reach.


  • Access to monthly open-coaching support from the NGL Online Community, which is the bedrock of our work. 



Connect with us…


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