Vision Mobilisation in Places of Leverage

I am working with individuals where I have a clear sense that the work they are doing, or circles they are within, present a leverage point so that working with them will likely have ripples beyond the individual work that we do. For example, it could mean that you have significant access to resources; because shifts in the direction of creating a network for a global gift economy, particularly flowing for global North to South, is in the direction of what I want to see in the world. It could be that you are living in a situation of great poverty and have many people around you that trust and follow you; because then your empowerment and alignment could lead to community empowerment. It could be that you are starting a business and want to build need-based systems that free you and those you serve from demand and supply-based pricing. Or it may be something else I have not named here; so long as there is a clear line from where you are and what you do to my own purpose.


If your interest is sparked by the Vision Mobilisation work and you sense you fit what I describe above, please get in touch.

Working together: Resource Flow and Money

NGL functions, as much as possible, within the gift economy: flowing resources from where they are to where they are needed .This is as compared to the market economy which flows resources from where there is supply to where there is demand. 


At present our gift economy set-up is largely money-based and we are working towards shifting that with the creation of communities living together. In addition, because we are functioning by flowing resources to needs, and because the majority of monetary resources are shared within NGL, we also aim to discern together who is the most accurate resource to attend to a need or request from outside of NGL.


What this means for potentially working together is:

1. If there is someone else in the community that I believe may be a better fit for what you are needing, I may suggest that you work with them instead of me. 

2. Regarding money, my request is that you give as much as you are able to give without stretching, and without resentment.

Emma Quayle - Embedding Nonviolence. Resourcing for Change.